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Brand New Portable Rocket Stoves For Sale - Learn About The Bobcat!

Portable Rocket Stoves For Sale

Have you been looking for high quality Portable Rocket Stoves For Sale?

If so you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re like most people you love the idea of a rocket stove but don’t want to simply have a run of the mill brick or coffee can stove. You’re looking for a high quality heater that’s efficient, easy to use and actually works, from a rocket stove manufacturer that knows what they’re doing.

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of our Bobcat Rocket Stove design and we think you’re going to love it!

A Rocket Stove Designed For Survival Level Daily Cooking
Removable Sturdy 3-Leg Compact Design - Store Legs Inside
Ceramic Coated Fully Welded Steel Construction
Dual Cooking Surfaces - Weighs 27lbs. - 14" x 14" x 9" Dimensions
Top Surface Reaches Up To 760˚F Cooking Temperature
Vent Exhaust Anywhere You'd Like Standard 3" Pellet Pipe Fitting (Pellet Pipe Not Included)
Tough and Durable - A 31,000 Pound Motorhome On Top of The Bobcat
Roughly 7750lbs of Force On The Stove Thats 3.875 Tons!
No Damage Done!

As you can see this stove is a real beauty, engineered from the ground up to do a few simple things right.

This is the most technologically advanced portable rocket stove design available. The Bobcat utilizes a two stage combustion design with a secondary combustor intake. This design allows it to operate smoke free when operated at high temperatures with dry, uncontaminated fuels.

This stove is ideal for a survivalist, hunter, camper or prepper and is currently being utilized in third world survival conditions.
Now creating a stove that’s engineered to have those traits may sound like a walk in the park, but it took some real blood, sweat and tears to get the Bobcat Rocket Stove to where it is today.

Now I can go on all day about how great this stove is but I think it would be better to just show you in a short video, don’t you?

Now that you’ve seen what the Bobcat Rocket Stove is all about you’re probably wondering how you can get one delivered right to your doorstep.

It’s really easy all you have to do is use our convenient online checkout and we’ll handle the rest!

To get your Bobcat Rocket Stove click the link below and add it to your cart!

If you’re still unsure if this rocket heater stove is for you or have any questions please feel free to contact us here, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Warning: For outdoor use only. Not a UL Listed or EPA Certified wood stove. Operate lawfully and carefully.