Portable Bobcat Rocket Stove – Ready To Use Reliable Heat!


The Portable Bobcat Rocket Stove is a rugged and reliable wood burning rocket stove that's designed to be eco-efficient, reliable, and versatile.  It's made here in the U.S.A. with heavy-gauge steel, high-heat powder coat and a little American ingenuity.  This Rocket Stove is built to last a lifetime and the quality is evident throughout its construction.

This stove is easy to travel with folded up it measures roughly 14″ x 14″ x 9″.  It's easy to cook with the two included cooking areas, of which the top one reaching up to 760˚ and the bottom one reaching temperatures of 425˚.  Whether you're camping, hunting, or just love the idea of a well built rocket stove, the Portable Bobcat has it all.

Watch it reach full temperature in a few minutes using a minimum of wood!

This is a very efficient portable rocket stove that is extremely rugged and built to last a lifetime. This rocket stove was carefully designed to meet all of the stringent requirements of its creators, who initiated the project with a prepper mentality.

The stove is constructed  using seam-welded heavy gauge steel and is finished with a high heat black ceramic powdercoat. Fuel is primarily wood, but it will handle just about any combustible that will fit through the door opening. The main burn box is 3/8 inch think, 6 in x6 in x12 in. The door and cook top are ¼ inch steel plates. This is far superior to the sheet metal hunting stoves that you would find commonly available.  It can achieve a temperature of 760 degrees on the top plate and 425 degrees on the top of the burn box, using wood. It weighs 27 lbs. When the stove reaches operating temperature, it burns the smoke internally and emits no visible smoke. The legs are long enough that they dissipate the heat before reaching the floor, so they never get warm enough to cause concern. The tripod design assures that this stove will always be steady, regardless of the surface it is used on. The legs are also removable, and can be stored inside the stove for transport and storage.

The stove is designed to have two cooking surfaces: the top of the burn box and the top plate, which radiates the majority of the heat. They would equate to medium and high temperature respectively.

The rear exhaust will connect to standard 3 “ pellet stove pipe, in the event you want to use the stove inside a hunting tent. In the event of a windy day the stove will operate better outside with a small section of exhaust pipe, but it is not necessary. The air intake will fit a standard 1” NPT connection in the event you want to connect it to an outside air source or just cap it off to extinguish the flame.

How it works:

The air intake is at the rear of the stove; it is drawn in underneath the flame via tube, and enters the burn box by the fuel door, pre heated. It is then pulled quickly to the back of the box, carrying the flames away from the door. The strong air flow is created by the inner chimney, which becomes super heated. A secondary air intake, which preheats, leads to the inner chimney to provide oxygen for the secondary burn of the smoke.

Below is a link to see the stove in action. This test was conducted on a very windy and cold 17 degree day. In spite of the harsh conditions, smoke is only slightly visible for a moment, during a wind gust; otherwise you can only see a heat signature.

Warning: For outdoor use only. Not a UL Listed or EPA Certified wood stove. Operate lawfully and carefully.

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