About Us

This is the story of the Bobcat Rocket Stove and the two men behind it.

It all began with a chance meeting at a parenting seminar in early 2011. Conrad and Chris are both devout family men dedicated to improving their families’ lives. They attended the seminar to learn some new parenting skills, which could come in handy because they both had twins.

The two families met for dinner one night and quickly started developing a close friendship.

With all the natural disasters and crazy events taking place in the world, they both took an interest in preparedness as a means to ensure their family’s survival in the event of an unforeseen calamity.

Enter Rocket Stoves…

As they researched for an efficient means to provide heat for the house in the event traditional heating methods went off line, it became very apparent that the rocket stove stood out as the superior option. They were fascinated with the design, as you probably are now.

They began searching the market for a stove that would fit what they were looking for and found nothing that met their criteria. They quickly realized there was a large market need that was not being addressed.

Many espouse the idea of a large brick and cob rocket mass heater to heat a home, but they needed something portable and easy to operate. Preppers have to be ready to go in the event of a national emergency and can’t be tied down by too many possessions.

The other side of the market had small cooking stoves that were great, but all of them had an open flame to contend with, which becomes a problem in the dead of winter inside a tent should that need arise.

They developed a list of what they did and didn’t want in a stove and came up with the following:

  • Portable
  • Super-efficient – can run on twigs yet produce a lot of heat
  • Versatile enough to run on whatever was available
  • Reach high temperatures
  • Easy To Clean
  • Simple To Operate
  • Easy To Stow and Go Should The Need Arise
  • Have the ability to cook multiple things at the same time (This one came from the wives of the household)
  • Tough as nails

When they started looking there really wasn’t anything on the market that met their criteria for a survival stove, and there still isn’t. They decided to just build their own.

They began experimenting with different designs and after many trials and design modifications, they developed the rocket stove now known as the Bobcat Rocket Stove.

Everyone who saw Bobcat was impressed by it, and most requested one for themselves. It was apparent that many other people wanted a highly efficient, portable, well built stove.

They soon formed SK Industries Inc. to offer the Bobcat Rocket Stove to the general public.

The rest as they say is history

You can reach Chris or Conrad directly by using the contact form, or the information below:

SK Industries
814 S. Rising Sun Dr.
Nampa, ID 83686